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Art of Cleaning
Cleaning costs are 95% labor and 5% materials... But, if the materials are not the best performing possible, labor costs can be driven many times over what that should be. Inferior products often lead to problems with safety, hygiene and aesthetics.

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Housekeeping Education & Training Library
Cleaning is the core of housekeeping. Gabriel supports housekeeping leaders in their effort to empower their housekeeping staffs. TQH-Certified products help empowered personnel achieve superb results for the lowest cost ever...

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10-Year Custodial Cost Reduction Spreadsheet
Check Out How Chemical Cost Was Cut Over $205,000
Listen to Others Describe Labor Savings of 50% or More

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Carpet Cleaning Procedure Using Tantum-1®
Deep-Clean Carpets Using Only One Chemical

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Ultra Gloss®
“Wet Look” Floor Finish System

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Ultra Strip II Liquifier
High-Performance Wax/Finish Stripper

Fastest Residue-Free Results... Guaranteed
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Traffic Kote
Epoxy Floor Coating
Odorless Self-Priming Epoxy Floor Coating System

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Industrial Grade Clear Floor Sealer/Finish

Stop Concrete Dusting • Restore Gloss • Protect Permanent Finishes 

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Epoxy Mortar
Permanent Patching System

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Primo-Pro Wet Mop Primo-Pro™
Wet MopCustodian Dream Tool

Primo-Pro Wet Mops will help achieve maximum floor cleaning results at dramatically lower labor costs. It absorbs 4-times its weight in liquid faster than regular mops and releases over 50% of its liquid on the first press of a gear-driven wringer.

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Cost Calculator
Point-Of-Use Chemical Cost Calculator • Floor Finish Program Comparison Calculator 

It is most important to know what a chemical costs to use. The unit cost of a product may be the point of discussion between the vendor and buyer, but the cost at the point of use is what directly affects a budget.

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