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Art of Cleaning - What is Soil
11 Minute of Essential Facts

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10-Year Custodial Cost Reduction Spreadsheet
Check Out How Chemical Cost Was Cut Over $205,000
Listen to Others Describe Labor Savings of 50% or More

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Carpet Cleaning Procedure Using Tantum-1®
Deep-Clean Carpets Using Only One Chemical

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Ultra Gloss® “Wet Look” Floor Finish System


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1½ Minute Video & Detailed Literature

13 Years Not Having to Strip Cafeteria Floor... 3 Minute Video Interview

 Art of Cleaning Training Videos

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Restroom, Shower, & Pool Deck Cleaning- 15 Min

Restroom, Shower, & Pool Deck Cleaning- 20 Min

Rejuvenating Stainless Steel - 2 Min

Greasy Floor Cleaning - 10 Min - Hot Water Tricks You Into Thinking All Grease is Gone

Ultra Strip II Liquifier
High-Performance Wax/Finish Stripper

Fastest Residue-Free Results... Guaranteed
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Traffic Kote Epoxy Floor Coating
Odorless Self-Priming Epoxy Floor Coating System

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Premier Industrial Grade Clear Floor Sealer/Finish
Stop Concrete Dusting • Restore Gloss • Protect Permanent Finishes 

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Con-Patch Epoxy Mortar
Permanent Patching System

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Primo-Pro Wet Mop Primo-Pro™ Wet Mop
Custodian Dream Tool

Primo-Pro Wet Mops will help achieve maximum floor cleaning results at dramatically lower labor costs. It absorbs 4-times its weight in liquid faster than regular mops and releases over 50% of its liquid on the first press of a gear-driven wringer.

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Cost Calculator
Point-Of-Use Chemical Cost Calculator • Floor Finish Program Comparison Calculator 

It is most important to know what a chemical costs to use. The unit cost of a product may be the point of discussion between the vendor and buyer, but the cost at the point of use is what directly affects a budget.

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