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A product’s performance should be the first evaluation. Something free that does not work may end up being the most expensive decision ever made.

Once you have found a detergent that outperforms your current detergent, go to the TQH Detergent Calculator, answers the few questions, and then compares the cost of your current product versus the cost of the better one.

For the Floor Finish Calculator, answer the questions and the program will run the calculations and deliver the comparison data almost instantly.

Feel free to contact an adviser to discuss the Cost Calculation processes.


TQH® Cleaning Products End Use Cleaning Cost Calculator

The price of an item can be the most misleading factor to use in making your buying decisions—product and labor costs you will need to achieve equal results will be your TRUE COST...

Lowest per gallon or per pound costs could end up breaking your budget and leaving you with a facility that falls short of required cleaning/health, aesthetic, safety, and air quality levels.


Below is a Cleaning Cost Calculator that will help you compare a detergents true cost.  First, find detergents that clean thoroughly using cold water. Then, use the information and Cleaning Cost Calculator below to determine how much each gallon of mixed solution will cost you...  That allows you to compare true costs.


Maximum job performance for the lowest product cost will best-serve your facility users as well as your budget.  Good Luck.


The Art of Cleaning™ Detergent Cost Calculator

Cost Cleaning Calculator Cost Cleaning Calculator

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