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Generally, with a box of cookies or crackers, if the quality makings and care go into creating the product and its packaging, damaged goods are minimal. The same goes for concrete. If it is prepared correctly using the best raw materials and then installed skillfully, problems and upkeep costs are usually minimal.
Gabriel is skilled at helping clients repair failing concrete, installing new and refurbishing old wall and floor chemical-resistant coatings. The Gabriel TQH-Certified cleaning and gloss restoration systems are unmatched for performance and reducing product and labor costs.

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Understanding Concrete
A brief History & Useful Facts
Concrete Floor Upkeep & Protection
Maximizing Aesthetic & Safety Dividends

Concrete Patching & Repairing
5-Minute Video Training


Concrete Quick Reference Guide

Patching & Repairing Concrete

Sealing & Dust-Proofing Concrete Floors


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